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Spectra USA Replacement Lenses

We want you to be as excited about Spectra USA Replacement Lenses as we are!

We Offer Spectra USA Replacement Lenses as an aftermarket Oakley* replacement lens. These Lenses are made to fit Oakley* Sunglass Frames.

Spectra USA Polarized Lenses come in stunning galaxy color. They are designed for ultimate visual clarity.  They Protect against 100% UV400 and UVA & UVB sun rays, They are Anti-glare & UV blocking filters, with an iridium coating that repels against dust and water. This makes it more comfortable for the eyes in very sunny conditions. They exceed ANZI Z80.3 standards and FDA impact-resistant, shatter-proof safety standards.

These Beautiful Polarized lenses have photochromic transition technology keeping your eyes safe and stylish! Spectra Polarized Mirror Lense are excellent for sunny outdoor conditions and offer a truer color perception and protection from intense light which reflects back light too reduces the amount of light passing through the lens.

Spectra USA Replacement Lenses do not include a frame with Purchase, But we have you covered, Shop our Oakley* Sunglasses Selection for brand-new frames we know you will love!

Spectra Lens Collection

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