About Us

SunglassOne is in the Happiness Business

Locally Shipped out of San Diego, California, USA

We sell Brand New & Authentic Premium branded products

We started in 2006 selling through eBay and have served over 90,000 customers. We reached the Top Rated Platinum status on eBay, the highest level earned through customer satisfaction surveys.  We build our business daily by bringing exceptional value to our customers through eBay and our new online retail Store.  We shoot all our own photo’s so you are looking at the actual item. We pride ourselves on adding detailed item descriptions with exact specifications to the items and everything that is included.

We welcome you to check out our feedback on our eBay store where you will see 1800+ plus models with 20,000+ Positive feedback.  We source our product directly from the manufacturer or their distributors, outlets, and retail. We specialize in rare and hard to find, end of life sunglasses.  We sell outside of manufacturers authorized dealer network at amazing low prices! 

We welcome you to check out our Facebook and Instagram. We would love to see you in your shades using the hashtag #SunglassOne

We thank you!

SunglassOne Team